False eyelashes can change your look, from defining the eyes for an eye-catching night-time look to adding an element of glamour to our daily makeup. False eyelashes can make an impact on your confidence and appearance, regardless of how flirty or natural they look.

We've got you covered, those who love lashes. Understanding how to take care of your lashes is vital in case you're like us and you can't imagine life without them. We've put together a guide for caring to maintain you eyelashes in Walsall. It contains the most effective techniques and tips to keep your eyelashes in top condition.

Use false eyelashes


Eyes are the main focus of any striking, dramatic makeup style. Eyelash extensions can increase the eyes' gorgeous and flirty appeal. You'll get more attention when your lashes are thicker and more thick. They aren't things you can simply throw away. It is possible to create an eyelash appear dull if you do not take care of them. This could not only cause your eyes to appear unusually long, but also cause serious health issues.

Eyelash extensions are applied directly to the eyes. It's a delicate part that is a part of the body. Lashes can be unsanitary if makeup persists. It is not necessary to throw away the lashes after a single use. Instead, you can continue buying mascara. Follow this tutorial to care on your eyelashes.

How long will falsies last?

If you choose to use a top-quality glue, quality fake eyelashes last throughout the night. If you plan to wear for long periods of time or you need to, keep some glue for your eyelashes inside your bag. This will let you refill the glue and ensure they're secure.

Tip for Eyelash Extensions: If you have them on, Beware Not To Touch Them

Once they're on they can do the work. To ensure they're securely glued, you do not have to do anything to them. Remember the natural oil that is present on your hands. They can cause staining to your lashes if you use your extensions of eyelashes too frequently.

Dry them the day they first appear or two days.

Eyelash extensions should stay dry and dry for between and 36 hours prior to when they are able to be used. This means you have to avoid areas that are wet and do not wash your hair immediately after applying eyelash extensions. Then you're all set. This means that you are able to either shower or head out in the rainy season.

Although technically, they're waterproof, you still have the option to go to a sauna or take a swim. But, they'll last longer if were not. It is more enjoyable performing these kinds of tasks without them.

Make sure that your lashes are free of any oil and also water. To minimize oiliness, try using moisturisers or blotting papers when you have oily skin.

How to Eliminate False Eyelashes

Although the removal of false eyelashes is a process that can be accomplished swiftly, it is essential to apply gentle pressure to avoid to cause damage to your natural eyelashes. To ensure that your lashes remain intact keep from pulling at the tips of your lashes. Instead, gently tug on your eyes until they fall out. It's tempting to set the glasses on the nightstand particularly after a long, tiring night. It is essential that they are brought back in original packaging to safeguard them.

Tips for Eyelash Extension

Avoid oil and Oil-Based Products

Avoid products that contain oil when trying to grow your eyelashes. The oil can cause your lashes to fall out of their natural beauty and can reduce their shelf-life. Eye makeup removers that are oil-free are also suggested. A foaming cleanser for your eyelashes is the ideal option for eyelash extensions. A baby shampoo that isn't conditioning can be a viable option if don't have one or cannot locate one.

Clean in downward Motion

Use a tiny brush to curl your lashes to form a loop. Do not try to move them back and back and forth. Do not brush them in a circular motion.

How many times can you use fake eyelashes?

There are many benefits from false lashes so in the event that you are taking proper treatment of them. To remove the glue residue from the last time that you utilized them, employ tweezers. Clean them regularly to avoid contamination by bacteria. Also, be sure to not apply mascara directly on your falsies.

How to Cleanse False Eyelashes?

There are a few easy methods to cleanse those false lashes. You can get rid of the sticky residue left by the glue you used to make your lashes with the help of tweezers.

To wash off makeup that has transferred to your face you can apply a makeup remover, or face wipe along with an abacus pad that gently scrub it. Avoid products that contain oil as they could cause them to adhere to your skin after you have used them.

10 Best Tricks for False Eyelashes:

  1. To stop bacteria from spreading to your eyes, cleanse your eyelashes after every use.
  2. To make sure your eyelashes are of the right size, first hold them in front of your eyes prior to using any adhesive.
  3. Do not cut your eyelashes at the corner.
  4. Do not apply mascara on false lashes. But, applying mascara lightly to natural lashes could provide false lashes with something to adhere to.
  5. To ensure that you don't apply mascara to mascara, be sure they're not the final item in your routine.
  6. A small amount of eyeliner is enough to hide your eyelashes.
  7. Sticking glue is more efficient if it's dry. After you have applied the glue to the band, gently blow over it for about 30 seconds before putting it in place.
  8. Do your lashes appear to extend out from eye corners? To enhance your curvature put the band on your finger.
  9. You can also apply additional glue to your eyelashes in the corner to make sure they remain in place during the night.
  10. Make use of a tweezer or eyelash applicator to blend your false and natural eyelashes.

These easy false eyelash tips can help you achieve the best from your most loved pair.


The cost of eyelash extensions is high, so ensure you maintain them with care. They are placed over your eyes, so it is important to keep them tidy and clean. These suggestions will help you avoid infections and maintain your lashes in a clean state.

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